Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Staying with Elder Doane

March 10th, 2014

So this week has been crazy! So we didn't drive through any trees at Yosemite. I think you might be thinking of Redwoods near San Fran. 

The new Hmong missionary isn't going to arrive until next transfer. So East and West side are going to be combined for 1 transfer. Me and Elder Doane are staying the same! Best ever! One of the sister areas is being doubled out and elders will be serving there now. 

What's new: 

We found the coolest person ever! She is related to one of our members and she totally loves reading the Book of Mormon. She has had tons of golden questions etc. and she came to church last week! Super awesome. 

This past sacrament meeting was very spiritual. One of the YSA members talked about the importance of doing the vicarious work for our kindred dead. She talked about how her father struggled with doing the ordinance of baptism for his deceased father, but after he finally decided to do so, his father appeared to him in a dream in white robes and basically told him that they would be a family together forever. Made me want to cry! 

Also, two of our investigators walked in an hour late into Sacrament...forgot to change the clocks...classic. I don't think people understand the emotional roller coaster they put missionaries on when they don't come to church on time. 

Anyways, ask me some questions, I'd love to fill you in! 

Also, I'm not a stick...and I'm definitely eating. We are eating healthier though and we do a 4 mile run every morning so I'm thinning out, but am still big. I have tons of muscle etc. I do a workout after our run as well. But we eat tons of more veggies and fruits than before. 

But anyways...

Love ya all lots! 

Elder Tseem Fwv Leem Vaj

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