Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fresno Days--Water Balloons and Other Missionary Work

April 14th, 2014

Glad to hear that the funeral went well and that everyone got to spend some quality time together.

Also, super awesome to hear that Josh got his call. Columbia sounds interesting. I think somebody from the Fresno North Stake is serving there as well. 

I wanted to answer your questions about the upcoming transfer. I suspect me and Elder Doane will stay together but I don't know for sure. We get the call-out next Saturday night about the transfer so I'll keep you posted. 

I don't know how much stuff I'll have to send home until I take some time to go through everything. I'll probably send home 3 boxes at the most. 

Tell Christopher Parker, congrats! 

Highlights from this last week- 

We had leadership training on Wednesday and we received tons of inspiration on how we can improve. It was awesome! We really focused on Joshua 24:23 - "Putting away strange gods." Basically anything that distracts our focus from our Heavenly Father and our missionary purpose, we must put it away. 

On Thursday, we went to the Echo building (mission office) and did service for a few hours cleaning chairs and tables. At the end, Pres. announced we'd have a water balloon fight. Sis. Gelwix was not happy about it because she knew there would be water balloon debris everywhere. When she came outside to take this up with Pres....Pres. busted a water balloon over her...oooh not the greatest move. So then all the 4 zones of missionaries that attended broke out into a 2 min water balloon fight. Super fun! I was on exchanges on east side the rest of the day, and an investigator family fed us delicious Korean BBQ. So GOOD! 

The next morning, we went to see our recent convert and had an early morning lunch feast because he recently got married. Also, super exciting. That evening, we went and 2 of our longer-term investigators and they totally set a baptismal date for this month!!! 

Saturday was awesome as well. We did a baptismal interview for the East elders for their baptism last Sunday! She's super solid and awesome! Way excited for her. We also went and ate at one of our older member's house and he was speaking French. He learned French, Japanese, and Lao when he lived back in Laos just so that he would have options. He's super cool too! He kept telling us in broken English: "Don't take nap! I never sleep! It wastes your time!" So remember that when you feel like taking some shut-eye. 

Sunday we had our stake missionary correlation meeting and then headed over to Sacrament Meeting. We translated and it was hard and fun as always. We also attended east side's baptism and Elder Doane performed a musical number with Elder Fraser. It was a really spiritual service. 

Today, we went over to the Fresno East Stake Center and played some volleyball and half-court basketball. Sports are always very stress relieving. 

...and that's pretty much the whole week in a nutshell! 

I love you all so much! I hope everything is going well for you! Keep me posted! Love ya
Elder Scott M. Burdick

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