Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sad News

April 7th, 2014

My dad and Scott's grandfather, Papa Jess passed away suddenly on April 3rd.  It was so difficult not to be able to speak directly to Scott, but I spoke with his mission president and part of the letter Scott wrote to me is included here:

There is a line in my patriarchal blessing that states "the love of your family will always accompany you such that you will never feel alone." This is true. I've always felt the family's love as I've served as a full-time missionary. However, I especially feel Grandpa's love for me and I have a certain knowledge that he is doing very much of the same things I am doing now. He is happy! I know it. You are always happy in the work of the Lord and he is doing the work of the Lord. 

I hope you are not worried about me. I am happy. There is a selfish part of my heart that wishes I could have seen Grandpa one more time, but it is drowned out in the overwhelming joy that he is home. He is with Grandma Mary. He is with his beloved friends. I am so grateful for him and his continued diligence even now on the other side of the veil. 

Dad mentioned that he wanted me to share a memory/thought of grandpa  - 
I remember that he would always make me laugh. I remember when he'd tell us bedtime stories when we lived in Canada. I remember his weekly phone calls full of Jesse jokes. I remember his love of airplanes and his undying passion to share all the pictures he found with me. I remember the M*A*S*H episodes and all the old British TV shows. I remember how much he loved me. Most importantly, I remember that he was faithful. I think often of his service as a full-time missionary. I look at his mission pin, and I remember his service. It inspires me to follow his example.  

Elder Scott M. Burdick  

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