Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fresno Days: Zone Leadership Meeting and Soccer

January 27th, 2014

Hello Everyone,

This was our week--

Monday: Played intense frisbee and soccer...tore up my leg pretty good. Lots of fun! 

Tuesday: We had a zone leadership meeting. We identified a vision for the zone: "Being more committed to our missionary purpose." That evening we went with a team up to go visit a potential and the potential wasn't there so I awkwardly at the door step say "...well...ummm...could we teach you?" And they said yes. So that was awesome in spite of my fail. 

Wednesday: District Meeting. Lots of fun. After we went and ate a pizza buffet. Our 'not eating out goal' is not going well right now, but I will prevail. Then that evening we went with another member to go visit a couple. Lesson was all over the place, but in the end it all worked out. They set a date for baptism. Conversion sure is crazy and messy but awesome. 

Thursday: Exchange with Fresno West Zone Leaders. We had a great day. We did a baptismal interview in the afternoon and then followed up on Hmong New Years potentials the rest of the day. Crazy story: We look for this one house and can't find it. We call the people and they tell us the correct address and so we eventually find it. Then when we're inside, there is this little girl (maybe 2 or 3) who has an open 7-up can and is spilling it everywhere...but she was adorable. Then half way through our conversation, random people show up for a therapeutic massage. So we decided to just pray for them, then the husband that had a stroke recently, came into the room. He now uncontrollably laughs so during the prayer, he was breaking out into laughing fits. So pretty crazy. 

Saturday: More baptismal interviews...super awesome! 

Sunday: Miracle. 2 of our investigators came to church! Yay! 

Monday: Emailed you! Love you guys! 

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