Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Good Eggs

March 31st, 2014

Dear Mom and Dad,

Neb ob niam txiv yog ob lub qe zoo

So...this means: You two mother father are two good eggs (or You're two good eggs). 

The sugar cookies were awesome! I took some pictures of them. I couldn't finish all of them, so we shared them with the zone. Everyone loved them....we truly "feasted" on the word of God. :) 

Also, thanks for the bug-money! Once again, your clever ways of gifting money never cease to amaze me! Its always quite a site to see two Mormon missionaries unfolding origami money to pay for food. haha

Its bitter-sweet that the house was sold eh? Tell Gramps I love 'em! 

One of the assistants gave training last week at zone conference and made a priesthood promise that if we did these specific planning guidelines for helping people attend sacrament meeting, that we would double our sacrament meeting attendance....totally happened (2 to 4). CRAZY MIRACLE! 

One of our old members passed away this last week. He was awesome. Definitely will be missed. He was one of the first Hmong people to join the church. He actually converted back in Denver. 

Bishop's family (as you already know) had a birthday dinner for me and their daughter Kim. Their family is awesome! They're the best! 

This week has been a little crazy. We've had to made two Walgreen's runs because we've been sick. Elder Doane actually got me sick but you can't really control that when you're with one another 24/7! So we haven't been at 100%, but still surviving! :) 

Well that's the week in a nutshell right now! I really appreciated your spiritual thoughts! thank you! 

Let me know if you have any questions! Love ya all! You're the best! 

Elder Burdick

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