Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Farewell Elder Bone

March 17th, 2014

Hello Everyone!

It sounds like you have crazy weather back in VA, eh? 

Your callings sound all over the place too! Lots of work for the empty-nesters :) 

Also, the cousins sent me some money for my birthday. They're awesome! Please thank them for me. I need to get an email out to them as well. 

Highlights of the week: 

Monday: We said goodbye to Elder Bone. Super sad! We had Pho at Sheng's house and helped her move some old couches out to the street. 

Wednesday: Transfer Day craziness! Its a mess when 300+ missionaries are moving around the mission between 7:30-10 am. We had a team up with one of the members in the ward that is a nurse. She confirmed the reality of Valley Fever...kind of scary. 

We've also been teaching a man that is very hung up on Saturdays being the day of worship...Acts 20:7 

Sunday: Good church day! We taught one of the youth classes. Also, 2 of the members that got assigned to serve in our ward were released. Super Depressing. One of them was Scottish and he is awesome (found out that he was a pro-soccer player in the UK back in the day). The other one is my hockey buddy and he's been serving as the Young Men's President. So it was sad to see them go. 

Spiritual thought: 
Laman / Lemuel's bad attitude: 1 Nephi 2:12 ; 3:5 

-They murmured because they knew not the dealings of God. 

-They murmured because it was a hard thing that was required of them. 

Nephi's good attitude: 1 Nephi 2:16, 19-20 ; 3:7,15 

-He had a testimony of what he was doing. He had "great desires" to know the mysteries of God. 

-He was willing to do HARD things because he had an understand of his Father in Heaven. 

The same can be said in our life. When we murmur; When it's too hard - we haven't fully come to an understanding of our Father and His plan. However, when we gain this understanding - nothing is too hard. We do a Philippians 4: 13! 

Love ya all! xoxox 

Elder Burdick 

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