Monday, January 6, 2014

Hmong New Year (Pictures!)

January 2nd, 2014

Crazy week: 

Christmas Day: Called you. Opened presents. Went to Sheng's house and watched Monsters University...AWESOME! After, we made our final preparations for Hmong New Years (HNY). 

Next Day: Start of HNY. We got up around 4 and got to the fairgrounds around 5ish. The Merced missionaries came down and stayed the week in our apt. Super tired. We set up the booth and it went very well. We talked to lots of people! After, we went and mapped out all the referrals we received and divided them into the appropriate side etc.  

Next Day: Same as day before...just more exhausted. 

Next Day: Same...More exhausted...But I did meet some really cool Hmong people from France. We've received over 200 referrals for other missions. Also, a random guy came up to me at HNY and thanked me for helping him move his TV a few weeks ago...haha. Small world! There are quite a few thousand people there so it's pretty ironic. 

Next Day: Church. The ward went all in their Hmong clothes to church and we only met for an hour. After, we went outside the building and took ward/family pics. Super fun. Then we went to HNY in the afternoon and set up the booth. Ran into a guy that works at Little Caesar's that we met a few months ago....irony. 

Next Day: Sick...I basically knocked out in the car all day in the HNY parking lot. Super sick. 

Next Day: Woke up feeling great after taking some medicine. Then we went to HNY for the morning and did our last HNY proselyting then headed to Missionary Leadership Council (MLC). We had a ton of FIO sessions and it was really good. We ended around 6ish (RULE: can't be out after 6pm on certain holidays because of safety) and because it was New Year's Eve, we stayed at the assistants home right near the mission office. So we all changed into casual clothes around 6 and ate dinner, watched Ephraim's Rescue, and played Lord of the Rings Risk at the mission office. Then we went to the assistants home and celebrated New Years and crashed. 

Next Day: 25 people in one house...we all had another meeting (leadership training) at the mission office. So we all got up super early, showered, and got back over to the mission office. Then, we had a lot of good training etc. We set the 2014 baptismal goal at 1000. Super awesome! Love being a missionary. 

Today: We moved our preparation day to today so that we could proselyte at HNY on Monday. So today is pretty good too. 

Spiritual thought: 
"Hope On. Journey On."
Jeffrey R. Holland 

Love ya soo much! Thanks again for all the wonderful gifts and the great phone call.
Elder Burdick 


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