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Ward Christmas Party, Christmas Mission Conference, and Feeding Miracles

December 16th, 2013

Answer to your questions: 
1. Got the package...super awesome! Loved the tree and loved the much needed pants. 
2. Christmas conference was great! President blew our minds with training on the historical nativity. Like BLEW our minds. We also had 210 missionaries at our stake center so it was crazy getting everything set up (especially when the YM of another ward destroyed it all the night before). So it was interesting trying to get everything set up again before the meeting started. The zone hosting conferences are responsible for getting everything set up (for meals, trainings etc.). The stake provided lunch and it was OUTSTANDING!!! Best meal every. I also met Norma Burdick from the Orchard View ward (she gave me extra ham because we're Burdick's). We also had to do musical numbers for each we completely winged Silent Night in Hmong, English, and Portuguese (the visa waiters). Crazy fun! The musical numbers are always awesome. You know its going to be good when they're prefaced with "If you feel the spirit tell you to sing with me, then go for it." Haha. I love being a missionary. We also sang "Called to Serve" as our thank you to the members that prepared lunch. Best called to serve rendition ever! I'll have to explain Called to Serve CFM style another time....we added some stuff. ;) 

3. I have no clue what time I'll be calling. Probably in the morning...but maybe afternoon...and the night-time would be great too! Hahaha. I really have no idea. Have I ever been one to plan these things out? 

4. I'm excited to talk to you! xox 

Highlights to the week: 

Every night we don't have a meal, people always invite us to eat with them after a lesson etc. It's crazy weird. Totally being watched out for. Happened this Monday night at our recent converts house. They totally invited us to eat with them and we had to drop our dinner a few hours earlier...miracles or what? 

We helped take down a chain-link fence and haul it to the members house. Super crazy. Then they treated us to Denny's. 7 Pancakes (all you can eat meals are so WORTH IT!). 

Also, we had delicious papaya salad and Hmong sausage a few nights ago. 
(I'm looking at my journal and I seem to be writing a lot about food???) 

We had 9 people that wanted to get to our ward Christmas Party and no rides. Of course, right when we went to the apartments to FIO the situation, a member pulls up in his SUV to give 6 of them a ride; Miracle #1. Then we still had 3 others that didn't have a ride, and after we exhausted ourselves calling all the members to give them a ride, we got desperate. Humorously a van pulled up, and we joked that we should just ask we did. It turned out to be a former investigator that decided to graciously give the 3 people a ride and had 3 others come with her; Miracle #2. So in total, 12 non-members are at this Christmas party. However, in the middle of the party, the lady with the van has to go to her other church's choir practice. So she ditches 6 extra people with us. Party ends and there is no ride for the rest of the people. However, miraculously another member crams all the people in her car (10 people in a 7 passenger van) and everyone gets home safely; Miracle #3. Sunday rolls around and 2 of the 12 actually come to church! Hallelujah shout; Miracle #4. 

Also, we had a great stake correlation meeting with Pres. Gelwix and the Stake President and High Councilman for missionary work. SUPER SPIRITUAL. Gotta love a good coordination meeting! Something I really like was a scripture President Gelwix shared. DC 78:10 "Key phrase: 'are prepared.' They're already prepared for us. Things have already been set in motion for the things God has prepared. It's dependent on our worthiness and faithfulness." I love it! 

So things are going great! I love being a missionary! Keep the questions coming! 


Hlub Koj, 

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