Monday, January 6, 2014

Fresno Days--Green Hmong and Frostees

October 28th, 2013

Monday: Gave an awesome blessing! Super strong spirit! We went with the Elders quorum president and helped out a lady that recently moved to the area. 

Tuesday: We had our usual district meeting and then we had our MCM. After we stayed and helped out the cub scouts with an activity. Super cool! They had a scavenger hunt where they had to lastly, find the missionaries and ask them about "giving service" and we explained the Mosiah 2 scripture. 

Wednesday: We taught a lesson using "Prophet of the Restoration." It was is true. 

Thursday: Lots of tracting...nothing too great happened. But then we went and saw some members and they totally referred us to some awesome people. 

Friday: Went and saw one of our 8 yr old recent converts. He's hilarious. We read in the Book of Mormon story book about the "waters of Mormon" and Alma baptizing there. Then at the end of the lesson, we asked him what he read about and he said "the Mormon waters." Super confused...haha. Also, after dinner, we had some time left-over so we went to Wendy's for some frostees. Right when we walked out some crazy people in Halloween costumes walked in and said "HI ELDERS!" We're like Hi CRAZIES! Afterwards, we went and saw some old ladies at one of my favorite Hmong apt complexes and we taught them about faith using Daniel 2/3 about Meeshach, Abendego, Shadrach....or however you spell it. 

Saturday: We went and helped some non-members move. There wasn't enough room in the car and we're low on miles. So we ended up running back and forth from the new/old houses. Super tired afterwards. We also went to the side of town with Chick-fil-a. So of course we had to get some breakfast...its been forever since I ate at Chick-fil-a. Then we went to lunch at a members house and they made some slammin' pho. SUPER DELICIOUS! 

Sunday: Recent converts blessed and passed the sacrament. We also had our primary program. It was the BOMB! Those little kids are so stinkin' adorable. We also went and taught an older couple about the Book of Mormon, but we have to teach in Green hmong...and its killin' my brain. It super stresses me out. But its so much fun! I love learning new dialects. 

Well I haven't got the other packages yet but I'm sure they'll be coming. 
Also in response to your last not create situations where missionaries will be disobedient. It is not fair to their missions. Please have dinner ready ON TIME. It is awful that missionaries are the only ones that feel bad to stay too long. They must have the spirit. Obedience brings that. It feels awful to be disobedient...even when it is no fault of your own. For example, when families take too long to prepare the meal. You feel awful because there is nothing you can do other than leave or stay and eat. So...please help the missionaries be obedient. They deserve members that will help them be exactly obedient! 

LOVE YOU ALL A TON! Please keep asking questions. 

Elder Burdick

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