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A Week In the Life...

November 18th, 2013

Answer to Questions: 
The size of a zone (in our mission) is the size of a stake. Our zone covers the Fresno North Stake. There are 12 companionships in our zone. 

We have two sets of sisters in our zone and we work with the coordinating sisters (Kinda like assistants to the president for sisters) and the sister leader trainers (Kinda like District leaders for sisters but not exactly). We coordinate anything having to do with sisters through all these people. 

Elder Xiong is at home. However, there is a new Elder Xiong that came out with Elder Rasmussen and Elder Fraser. 

Elder Doane's Hmong name is TSHAJ LUG VWJ. 

Quote for today: 
"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days."

-Zig Zigler 

Day to Day Look at the week--
Had to go repair bikes. Mine was tore up! Pretty bad. But its back in good working order now. Also, our FHE fell through this last Monday, so we were way bummed because we had prepared a ton for it. But then we went and just started talking to people and ran into this older lady! She was totally willing to let us come and see her and then we were able to teach her family and we found 3 new investigators so super exciting! 

We had our usual district meetings. Then we went and did apartment checks, but then got lost. :( We ended up in the wrong zone so definitely a fail, but always learning as the zone leaders. Its weird because our actual proselyting area is completely outside of the zone. So we are not super familiar on all the stuff in Northern Fresno and Clovis. 

Leadership training. Always fun! We had huge FIO sessions (Figure it out). Got tons of revelation. 

We went and followed up on a referral and it was someone that other Elders had blessed a long time ago. The people totally were healed and willing to learn more. So we found 3 more investigators...miracles. We also went and visited some youth in the ward and did some review of PREACH MY GOSPEL and talked about how they can better work with their family and friends. The Hmong youth in this ward are AWESOME! When we went and saw bishop's family, they made this delicious sushi! Mama bear, I hope you know how to make sushi. It's really good! 

We did weekly planning and we did a baptismal interview. It was crazy! I love doing baptismal interviews but they're also really scary. You're the sole person that says yes or no (pending on the spirit) to whether or not they get baptized. However, they're always super spiritual because you receive witness. 

We saw our awesome investigators that we'd just found. They're way receptive. A little iffy on praying but its all good. We'll get them there. Also, we went and followed up with a 15 yr kid that's investigating and we asked him about praying and he said: "Yeah, I'm praying." Then we said "every day?" and He responds...."Well no, but almost, wait, and I supposed to be praying every day?" Hahahaha Super funny! We also had our stake conference session tonight. Way cool! They had a video of Elder Rasmussen's parents talking about how they pray for the members here! It was stinkin' cool! The point was that people all over the world pray for their missionaries here and the members here in the Fresno North Stake, so we ought to all get to doing missionary work. Super awesome! 

Stake conference. Our recent convert received the Melchizedek priesthood and is going back to Laos tomorrow. I'm going to cry. Way too sad! 

Today: super stressful! Lots of stuff to do! But gotta love being a missionary. 

Well I've got to get going but I love you all very much! Keep asking questions! <3 
Elder Burdick

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