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Exchanges, Rain & Prayer Rocks

November 25th, 2013

I haven't written in my journal in awhile, so it's a little difficult to remember everything I'm doing but I'm trying to get caught up. So I apologize if my letter is lean because I cannot remember anything to save my life. 

We had an FHE with a member family and a referral they invited. It was crazy. Everyone arrived late and then we had an appointment immediately after so we had to do a lightning lesson and then leave.  But then they made delicious (but boiling hot) pho. Super hard to eat quickly. Also, in preparation for the next FHE, we had to find rocks to make prayer rocks and we couldn't find any so we found some cement chunks and washed them off.  Then we went with our Ward Mission Leader (He's the bomb), to do another FHE and we were going to show a Mormon message, but forgot our bags at the previous Then it turns out, the family had some perfect rocks to paint some nice prayer rocks. So cement #2. Haha. Then we went to the next appointment and we brought a member with us and she is a SAINT. It was a way awesome lesson. Then we got home But overall, awesome crazy day! 

Went to district meeting and then went on exchanges. I went with Elder Altner to his area (on bikes). Super fun. We talked to some cool people, did some service for members, and went out to dinner with these awesome members. However, when we continued on bike to our next appointments, it started to drizzle. Oh and there has been a pretty crazy drought in the valley....then it started to pour. Like POUR! So then we go into the appointment and when we come out, its raining even harder and my helmet had fallen on the ground and pooled up with water (we put pamphlets on the inside of our helmets to keep our hair from getting wrecked. Then we proceeded to bike a couple of miles to the church building for a baptismal interview. We showed up drenched from head to foot. It was like the movies, where cars hit puddles and splash people. Apparently, that's reality and its crazier on bikes. Overall, awesome wet day. 

We exchanged back and did a stewardship meeting at the church. Missionaries do PPIs and fill out reports for the upcoming transfer. Kinda, sorta, fun. Not particularly fun. Paper work is crazy in missions. There is a lot of stuff to do. 

We did stake correlation (missionary paper work) up at the stake center and ate dinner at bishop's house. It was super delicious. Pho!!! 

We did an exchange with the assistants. Had some fun tracting.  Elder Hortin is awesome at dealing with crazy situations. Then we went and did 2 member team ups. I love Hmong members when they team up with us for lessons. They go way better than if its just us missionaries. Then we attended a baptism in the assistants area. Super awesome! Miracle Baptisms! Then we went and found some new investigators that want to get baptized in December. We call that a gut (German for good) day! We also saw another family with one of our recent converts and they totally clicked really well. Our recent convert totally bore an awesome testimony about reading the Book of Mormon daily! Gotta love it!

We moved our weekly planning to Saturday because of the exchanges so that took a huge chunk of the day. Then we brought our investigators to a baptism that evening. Way spiritual. Our investigator is getting baptized next Saturday and she is doing awesome! We're very excited for her. 

The ward leadership got restructured (primarily the YW, Primary, and RS). Craziness. I never really thought about how much all the callings effect everything but they totally do. Highlight: Bishop complimented the YM on the sacrament. "Big pieces and the bread was fresh." We didn't waste anything! I love Pioneer Park ward. 

Email YOU! <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

That was my week. I wub you! 
Elder Tseem Fwv Leem Vaj!

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