Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fresno Days--Prep for Mother's Day Phone Call

May 5th, 2014

These are the instructions we've received from the mission president regarding the phone call! 

Good morning Elders & Sisters. It's a GREAT DAY to be a Mormon missionary! 

Please take careful note of the information listed below:

MOTHERS DAY TELEPHONE CALL. Your sweet mamas are counting down the days, hours, and minutes until Mother's Day (May 11) when they get to talk to you. Listed below are the church and mission rules governing this call. Please be exactly obedient and help your companion to be exactly obedient.
1) your call must not exceed 40 minutes. This is a church policy. 
2) You may talk by telephone
3) Either way, you may give your family your contact number in your Monday email. In that same email, advise them that their call is absolutely, positively is 40 minutes max.
4) Your parents want to hear your voice and know you are safe and happy. If you have some personal/family business to discuss, advise your parents of this in your Monday email. 
5) Outline some things you want to say, including but not limited to your area, investigators, how you have seen yourself change, and your testimony. 
6) Now that your family has your contact number, emphasize that no one is permitted to call or text you after the Mother’s Day call. If any family, friend, or other person calls or texts you after the Mother's Day call you are required to report it to your zone leaders. 

So this last week has been awesome! We had an exciting baptism for a couple that we found at Hmong New Years. It was so exciting to see them finally take the big step! 

Bishop Lor brought up the Pathway program at dinner last night. He wants us to visit some of the less active Hmong YSA and introduce them to the program. I'm sorry for not reading your emails more carefully, but you need to give me the low-down on all this PATHWAY stuff. Super curious! 

Overall, things are going great here in the CFM. The work is rolling forward and me and Elder Doane are having tons of fun! I look forward to talking to you in a few days! Love ya all so much! 

With Love, 
Elder Burdick

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