Tsev Neeg (family), I have a ton to say so i can't fluff my letter but its going to be just going from one topic to the next...i made a list already of things i want to say :)
First, thanks for the California flag...it looks awesome!!!! We have it hanging in our room window so the light makes it look majestic! People always ask about it so we meet tons of random elders from CA etc.
Also, thank you for the awesome package with the jammies and eye-fi chip and the package with the cinnamon buns. I have been getting on a health kick while at the MTC so I didn't eat them all but thank you.
My cov kub (companions, not cov tus kub...because cov is a pluralizer and negates the need for the classifier "tus") are awesome. We are the best companionship...and we are all a little weird so it works out great!
We have investigators right now who are also our teachers but they are strictly seperate. Their names are: Txooj Neb Vaj, Npis Vaj, and Meej Lauj. Meej is commited to be baptized and we are arranging for a baptisimal interview which he must pass...then the simulation has ended and we will recieve a new referral. Txooj is a shaman and he is super difficult to teach but we are getting there. Npis, Txooj's son, is also having a hard time but we are making progress (theres a little language barrier hahaha). Next week, each of us (companions), will play an investigator role for the other pair and we will have to prepare to teach them as well. Basically its as real as it can get. Meej commited to stop smoking...Txooj no longer is praying over his altar.
Next thing, this next weekend and coming week, is new mission presidents week so all of the Quorom of the Twelve will be here...supah exciting. Our teacher said if a General Authority walks in, just pretend we know exactly what is going on because the authority will probably not know hmoob (hmong=english spelling, hmoob=hmong spelling).
You asked about an Elder B. He is our Vietnamese brother. He and Elder S are all the male Vietnamese missionaries in the MTC and they have 3 sisters that are going to Cambodia speaking Vietnamese. One Vietnamese speaking sister. is 'hmong' and she is helping us with a ton of hmoob speaking issues.
Today, me and my companions went to the temple so that was awesome. We did sealing sessions and the sealers were super cool...and talked about our missions etc.
I will be sending a letter today, with a schedule for the week we print off for our planners. You probably won't understand it all, but its our schedule...i'm going to take some time and just write out my daily schedule in relation to the schedule online.
630- wake up...we have two alarms
630 and 3 seconds later- run to the shower to ensure you don't have to wait in line
636- get out of the shower quickly b/c there is now a line
705- be dressed and ready to go, make bed, get organized etc.
720- at breakfast...I am eating healthy so I get fruit, a bagel, and some cracked wheat
750- be at the classroom
751- start our personal study, we study doctrine and scriptures in prep for our mulitple afternoon teaching appointments.
850-companion study, we work on organizing our plans and just sharing insights in prep for appointments
915-leave to go back to the residence halls
929-leave to go to gym
931- start running 2 miles
945-core workout
1000-play 4 square or volleyball
1010- go back and run a few laps around the track for cool down
1020-run to residence hall to get showered
1022-shower and get dressed
1100- workshop, we got to a conference room and get taught in huge groups about different doctrine/teaching fundamentals
1200- lunch
1230-check mail
1245- be back at the classroom
1245- start language study, we go over pre-work for class and review grammer principles and work on our language study plans
145- break
200- start prep for teaching apt.
230- teach apt.
300- end apt, return to classroom to start group language instruction
400- end language instruction, start coaching missionary study: we get help on anything from the teachers and resource managers..such as studying effectively, better planning etc.
530-check mail
545-be back at classroom
545-prep for apt
615- teaching apt.
645-end teaching apt., start going over lessons
745- end going over preach my gospel lesson
745- start another group language instruction
845-end GLI, break
900-start daily planning for the next day and start language study plan (sometimes we have service so we skip this and go get changed and go straight to break things down after devo...its really crazy not being able to have planning time...i secretly <3 planning time)
930- back to residence, start personal time to write in journal, scripture study etc.
1015- quiet time
1030-bed lights out

Just hectic days...that's for sure.

Spiritual Thoughts
Jeffrey R. Holland
"the work of salvation is not cheap. It was not cheap for him and it cannot be cheap for us. Its hard work, its supposed to be."
This really put everything in perspective. Yeah, missionary work is not easy but it shouldn't ever be because it wasn't easy for the Savior. It was not easy for Him to suffer in the garden or hang on the cross, or even live perfectly...it was hard, but it was worth it.
Bro. Malm of the Seventy
Talked about Yuron Krop (sp?) from his hometown (in Sweden)who biked to Mt. Everest and climbed it and biked it...crazy story (should look it up) He talked about 3 things that make missionaries successful : desire, work, and faith. Great talk and we can apply those things to anything in the church.
Bro. Callister
10 points that the great apostacy occured...stressed that in order to teach the restoration, we must convey the magnitude of the apostacy
1. apostles were killed
2. scriptures bear witness of the apostacy (isaiah..famine of the word of god
3. bible ends...why would it end after only 100 or so years after christ...were there no more issues in the church...no more guidance needed?
4. miracles and gifts of the spirit cease
5. teachings of christ were lost
6. ordinaces were changed (baptism, sprinkling etc
7. simple manner of prayer was altered
8. scriptures were removed from the common man...would christ want his word removed from the masses
9. the on-going church no longer bore the name of christ
10. the priesthood was lost
Some ask why wait almost 2000 yrs to restore the gospel?  Brother Callister  offered this explanation:
if a planes' engines were on fire....you need to land the plane...the quickest way to do this is put it in a nose dive...but that is not the safe way for the passengers or aircraft...instead you must get to the ground as safely as possible..its simply the Lord had to safely bring the restored gospel back!!
Okay i'm over 10 minutes on this email so i gotta go...love ya lots
Es Daws Npuaj Hwm