Monday, May 27, 2013

Baptisms & A Wedding

May 20th, 2013

So Julie and Winson got baptized! It was amazing. Their whole family came and it was a really spiritual experience. I had the privilege to baptize them, and Elder Dunnaway will confirm them next Sunday. 

I can't believe Chris Parker is home already! Tell 'em that I love 'em and say Hi! 

I also got your package. THANKS SO MUCH! So awesome! I really appreciate it. 

Also, on Sunday we went to a Hmong Wedding. Pretty interesting. Lots of pork and fat. Apparently a traditional wedding meal is usually rice and pork. I learned some interesting things about the customs such as: 
-The groom must bow a hundred time to the mother in law. If the mom likes him, she'll let him do it on a soft surface. If she doesn't like him, he has to do it on tile or something. 
-The groom has to eat a huge chunk of straight pork fat and can't choke on it (to prove how much he loves his wife). I said "they have to get me to not eat it to show how much I love my wife...haha" Just play'n..that's gross. 
-All the men of the bride and groom's families sit down and figure out how they will all be related (and take shots as they introduce each other). 
-Once the wife leaves the house, she can't look back at the wedding at the house, because its basically the principle of Lot's wife. Its bad luck to look back. 
-Also, you don't eat pepper at the wedding because you don't want the marriage to be too "spicy" and "painful." 
-Also, when you get engaged, you shake a chicken over the wife's head when you steal her. Yes, you steal your bride. Yes, this is a little sketchy. 

Well this week was awesome! We had a ton of fun. Here's my thought for the week. 

"Casting out our nets"
When the Savior came to his disciples after His resurrection. They were fishing and had caught nothing. However, a figure called to them on the shore and told them to thrust out their nets to the other side. These were master fisherman. They knew how to fish. Why should they listen to some stranger on the shore? However, because they were humble and full of faith, they heeded the counsel. This made all the difference. They caught so many fish, that the ships couldn't handle the weight. Although, we may feel we are the great fisherman of our own lives, we must learn to be humble to heed the counsel of the Master. We must cast out our nets even after toiling all the night. Even after doing everything we thought possible, we must continue to work and follow the Savior's counsel. Only then, will we find true success and happiness. 

Anyways, I love you all very much! keep asking me questions. Even if I don't  always answer them. Kuv hlub nej (I love you all)! 
Elder Tseem Fwv Leem! 

The Greatest Enemy to Greatness...

May 13th, 2013

Happy Monday! Loved talking to you all back home! Super fast 40 minutes. 
This week was pretty normal. We are super excited for Julie and Winson that are getting ready to be baptized this next weekend. We had a really awesome night the other day. We just got out of the car at this apartment complex and there was this old lady walking. So we just started walkin' and talk'n with her and we ended up a few blocks away at her house. She was super nice. She told me her whole life story...pretty cool. There was no guy home so we couldn't go she brought out chairs to sit outside and keep talking. SO NICE! Then we proceeded to talk to a ton of Hmong people at this other complex so it was just a great night. We contacted so many people. 

We had leadership training this last week. It was great! President is just able to inspire anybody. Gotta love him! We learned tons. He talked about how the Children of Israel complained to Moses after they had escaped slavery. They actually wanted to GO BACK! They wanted to go back to the comfort of SLAVERY! CRAZY right? So this leads perfectly to a good scripture.
Luke 17: 32
"Remember Lot's Wife" 



Well I love you all so much! I hope that everything is going well back home! Continue to ask me questions. Mama bear! <3 Ya! I see tons of people always playing badminton and I know you could whoop up on them! Hehehe Love ya!

Missionaries love everyone, but there is a special place in our hearts for the families that actually engage themselves in this work. 

Tub Txib Fwv Leem

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Broken Retainer and a Glimpse at a Missionary's Journal

(We received a call on Sunday, May 5th from the mission home medical coordinator.  Scott's permanent retainer came out, so he needed to see a dentist.  Ironically, the M-1 Ward missionaries were visiting us at the same time the call came in.) 

 May 6th, 2013

Dear Family,

My teeth are doing great. I just got a wire reattached on my permanent retainer. So i'm sorry about the whole short email...but i did send pics this week. We are running out of time just because i had the dental appointment this morning that took forever. Anyways, life is good. We have a big leadership training tomorrow. Also, I’m prepping for our phone conversation with some good stories, etc. 

Spiritual thought: 
"See others as they may become" 
I love this’s the best because it hits home the character of God. He sees us much more than just today. We must also see others past today as well. Well love you all very much! Have a great and fantastic Monday. 


Deep Journal Thoughts

Temple Trip & Baby Showers

April 30th, 2013

So today was a great day at the temple!  We also had specialized training with all the Fresno zones earlier last week. I was on exchanges with the zone leaders and that was fun too! 

Answers to questions  (Scott keeps asking us to send him questions, so this is in response to our ?s): 

We go to the temple once a quarter. 

The training program is twelve weeks, so I'm guaranteed 12 weeks with Elder Dunnaway. 

Yes, I'm still the district leader. It’s so much fun. Stressful, but so awesome! 

Elder Dunnaway’s Hmong name means reputable. 

I received the shirts you sent. 

I know you love me!!! You're all the best! 

We went to a ward mission leader's baby shower to eat lunch. SUPER FUN! I didn't realize all the work that goes into a baby shower. Activities such as pin the pin on the diaper and apple juice in bottles....make things very interesting. Fortunately, we weren't there for all that...just to eat. 

I'm so pumped the Caps are going to the play offs...if they win the Stanley Cup, just go to the game and have a poster that reads (Love to OVI from FRESNO, CA)

We had another photo shoot with a member (if you remember those photos in the box). Its pretty awesome! You'll be getting some pretty soon.
I'm sorry I'm running late today but I will have a more fulfilling letter next week. 

Spiritual Thought: 
President Gelwix discussed how we don't have tomorrows. We only have today. He discussed a principle that helps people earn 3x as much money in their lifetime. It’s this: Everything has an end! 


Scripture: Choose ye THIS DAY....

Motto: Do it today! 

I LOVE YA ALL! Keep sending me the questions!!! 

Elder Tseem Fwv Leem 

Hmong Lost in Translation...Oops

April 22nd, 2013

So this week was super awesome! No crazy weird meetings. Just normal. I love it! We had a good district meeting on Tuesday. We talked about why love is the most important motivator in our ministries, etc. We went out proselyting and found 3 new people to teach. Just overall awesome week!

We had some hilarious fails: We busted up laughing in the middle of a prayer at a member’s home for dinner. One elder called the member really big on accident. Then he responded to one of her comments with 'I'm just fat' so we were dying of laughter. We also have been doing some crazy morning runs. We get up at 6 and run till 650 and then do two minute planks....awful...but so good. We also had Mormon Helping Hands in the richest part of the city.....FAIL. We had to clean up the side of a road next to billion dollar shopping centers and apartments that had gates with lions on them. You know it’s a rich area when there are lions and other insignia sculpted into the outside walls. So that wasn't as satisfying as I thought it would be...but always fun. I love Fresno! It’s the best! Anyways, nothing too crazy this week. I went to JC Penneys and grabbed some shirts that seemed to fit all right but we'll see after I wash them. Here’s my spiritual thought: 

DC 88:50 

"Then shall ye know that ye have seen me, that I am, and that I am the true light, that is in you, and that you are in me ; otherwise ye could not abound." 

We will all come to know who God really is and when we do we will come to realize that everything good about us is from God. Truly He is the light inside all of us. May we always be the person that truly reflects the Master in all that we do. 

Hello this is one of the elders that serve with Elder Burdick. He is so awesome and I love him. He is an amazing missionary and helps me become a better missionary too. Thank you for having such an amazing son, it has changed my life forever.

Well, I’ve got to go. ASK ME QUESTIONS AT THE END OF YOUR NEXT EMAIL AND I WILL ANSWER THEM ALL! I love you all so much! <3 
Elder Tseem Fwv Leem Vaj