Friday, August 16, 2013

More Service Plus Pictures in Merced

August 5th, 2013

Tuesday-Service! We went and washed down a truck to get it ready to sell. Then we painted the sides of a house. Super fun! After we went and met with our investigator at a member's home. We watched Prophet of the was sooo awesome. Church is true! You should totally invite someone to your home and invite the missionaries to watch a church movie/have a lesson.

Thursday- Service again. We went and did a zone activity/service at this family's home. We went and dug up old concrete and then poured new concrete around a fence post. Tons of work....but always fun working with concrete. Also, that evening we went and saw a part member family and it was way fun. We played this fun ropes game...super hard to describe but fun.

Also on the way to service we found this really cool stump which we jumped our bikes off of.

Saturday- We drove an hour to a baptismal interview...super awesome...then the family wanted to feed us so we stuffed oursevles with waffles...then when we got back to Merced, one of our member prepared us some delicious food and of course we ate everything....It was crazy delicious! So going into fast Sunday...we stretched our stomachs to the limit...awful. 

Well I’ve got to get going but love you all a ton! Keep me posted!


Elder Tseem Fwv Leem


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  1. I super love the pictures!! The jump rope one is awesome! And the stump...boys be dumb. That's how the Elder in our ward broke his wrist: crapping around on his bike. Haha!