Friday, August 16, 2013

Headed Back to Fresno

August 12th, 2013

Crazy Awesome Week.

To answer our questions about how his companion is, Scott said:   Elder Bone is awesome! He's awesome at fixing things. He worked at taco time back in Utah and is certified in Diesel Mechanics and small engine mechanics. He's a boss! But in sad news, I'm getting transferred back to Pioneer Park to train one of the new missionaries. So Elder Dunnaway is coming up to be with Elder Bone.

Monday: Ate a whole thai pepper whole....super hot.....burned my insides.
Tuesday: Put holes in concrete....Ridiculously Hard. Talked to an investigator/Part member who wants to get baptized this weekend. Super Great!
Wednesday: Fixed brakes...hurt my hand.
Thursday:  1 year mark in the field...crazy fast
Friday: Had volleyball sports night at church. Way! Fun! Taught True Vang who is getting baptized this weekend.
Saturday:  Went to Los Banos for a baptismal interview and baptism...craziness. Found out I was getting transferred back to Fresno to train in a new Hmong area. (They split my old area in half.) Fresno: Elder Davis and his trainee, Elder Doane and his trainee, and Me and my trainee. Merced: Elder Bone and Elder Dunnaway.

Had baptism and confirmation for True Vang. Awesome service. The branch is amazing. Spirit is the best.

There can be miracles...if you believe.

Funny Thoughts and jokes of week

Phone conversation with sister missionaries in district:

Me- "Does he have the Melchizedek priesthood to do the confirmation?"

Sister-" you need that?..."

(Long Pause)


Life is awesome...Ask me more questions. LOVE YA!

Elder Burdick

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  1. I lived in Los Banos when I was little! I still can't believe he's going back to the Fres...