Thursday, August 15, 2013

Yardwork and Service in Merced

July 29th, 2013

I'll write Papa Jess today! Also, tell Ray to stop crashin' the car...she's freakin' me out! Haha Just playin'.

Answer to your questions:

We ride our bike to service every Saturday. We also ride them when we're on exchanges in an English area. So 1-2 times a week.

Types of service include, cement, mowing lawns, cleaning storage units, fixing sprinkler systems etc.

I gave my talk in English because there are people that only speak English in our South Asian branch.

News of the week:
Tuesday: Went on an exchange in Merced 1st ward. Lots of biking. You're always sweaty but you get used to it. Talked to tons of people when you're on a bike. Also, found a lot of really cool prepared people.

Wednesday: We had a really cool lesson where we light a tea-bag thing on fire while you're holding it. Look it up on youtube or something. Missionary Lessons using a tea bag...really cool!

Thursday: We went and tracted and had some really good lessons. We also went to mutual with the scouts and did an arts n’ crafts activity making copper wire trees and putting beads on them like the Tree of Life.

Friday: Had a great tour around the church. We also did weekly planning and did stewardship reports (paperwork on the status of missionaries in your district: referenced for transfer boards). After we went and had our weekly sports night at the church where people come out and we share a spiritual message and play volleyball. Went super well. We used a Mormon message! Those things are the best!

Saturday: Went and gave our usual service. We mowed a lawn and did weed-eating. (Joke: Ma, I do more yard work on a mission than I ever did at home...and I used the bag for the lawn mower...haha.) We also found a really cool stump while we were biking to service that we rode our bikes off of.

Sunday: Was really funny translating about pioneers. We taught a lesson for youth sunday school. We're teaching the adult sunday school in hmong next week. Should be good.

Today: Highlight: Emailing you <3!

Well that's the week!

Spiritual thought:

When we are building faith, its like building a house. We don't build the foundation so it can crumble or so that we can easily take it apart. Its the same with faith. We build it strong, only looking forward to continue to build upon it. Lead with faith, not unbelief. ("Lord I Believe" Jeffrey R. Holland). "Lord I believe; help thou mine unbelief."

Well Love You All A TON! Have a great week and ask any questions if you have any!


Elder Tseem Fwv Leem


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