Sunday, October 27, 2013

Miracle Baptism

October 14th, 2013

So first off, sorry I sent home a box of clothes. When you transfer, you can only have so much stuff and I don't want to throw stuff away and I'm super sentimental. I have another box that I left in my old area for my companion to send but it never got sent and I don't remember what was in it, but that'll be on its way soon. 

Anyways, miracle baptism on Saturday. A young man that recently came to the states got baptized! He is living with his family who are members and he's been coming to church the last few weeks. Elder Rasmussen got to baptize him so it was super cool to see him baptize his first person on his mission. Also, another young man that we found when I was with Elder Dunnaway and Elder Bradford got baptized. He's super cool! He went on pioneer trek before he was a member. Talk about faith?! 

The baptismal program was awesome because a newly ordained priest was able to baptize the one young man and Elder Rasmussen baptized Tou. Also Tou's family sang a musical number. Elder Doane also played a way spiritual musical number for the interlude while everyone was changing. 

Highlights of the week: 
Monday: Played kickball with the other missionaries. 
Tuesday: Had an awesome zone training meeting. Received a ton of inspiration. Elder Doane gave training on how the atonement is critical to the gospel of Jesus Christ. For example, we CAN have faith in Jesus Christ because He has already suffered for our sins and overcome death. Also, we can repent because of the atonement. Then, because of the atonement, the conduit of heaven is open for us to make redeeming promises/covenants like baptism. Awesome! 
Wednesday: Went on exchanges with Elder Xiong in my old area. It was cool to go see some people I used to teach. Also, Elder Xiong is super Hmong. We tease him too much about it! 
Thursday: Went and saw Tou to prep him for his upcoming baptism. Then at the end of the lesson they wanted to feed us. So we sat down to eat with them and totally ate some delicious frog...Thai style. 

Friday: Went and did the interviews for the baptisms. Then went and gave service for an investigator in the sister’s area. Got a huge blister shoveling up sod that was infested with this weird weed. 
Saturday: Baptism. Miracle. Awesome. Then we went tracting and saw some potentials. Then right at the beginning of the lesson with this super nice old guy, his relatives from France came in. CRAZINESS. However, he did play this instrument called a Qeeb for all of us. Fun Stuff. 
Sunday: Confirmations and Ordinations. Awesome! Had dinner with the Perez family. They're the bomb! They made delicious Hawaiian chicken. 

Spiritual thought: 
I had this super cool idea come to mind as I was studying today. 

"It really doesn't matter that God lives, or that Jesus Christ atoned for our transgressions, or even that God calls living day prophets; unless it will have an impact on the decisions we make and the person we decide to be today!"

Basically, along the lines of: testimony without action is worthless. We have to let our knowledge of the gospel, of God, and of the Restoration have a daily change on who we are! 

Anyways, I love you all very much! I hope this letter was long enough! I need to do better about being more thorough in my letter writing. Love ya! 

Elder Tseem Fwv Leem Vaj 

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