Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Awkward Door Contacts and Other Fresno Adventures

August 26th, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Here is how my week went—

Monday: Elder Oldham cut my hair...very...interesting...

Tuesday: Had first all Hmong district meeting.

Dinner that night: Knock on what used to be a members house...We were going there for dinner. So there were 6 of us all standing in the doorway. However, an Indian lady answers the door...and turns out the member moved across the street. Super awkward door contact with 6 missionaries. 

We also had English class for all the old Hmong ladies...super adorable. 

Wednesday: Cops kicked down the next door neighbor's door. Totally asked us to open our door, so they could have more leverage/running start to bust down the other door. Pretty awesome! 

Friday: Mama Bear’s Birthday. 

Saturday: We went up to Auberry for a meal. Also our RC read a scripture in 2 Nephi 6:18 (whatever the last verse is in that chapter. Super funny trying to explain Isaiah. 

Sunday: Awesome Sunday back in Pioneer Park Ward. Everyone is super nice and happy. We also went and did some tracting but everyone is at General Vang Pao's wife's funeral. However, we did get to teach this awesome shaman guy. They're super nice. 

Overall things are awesome!

Thanks for the Green Hmong bible and the great package. I just ate like 10 ounces of straight Starbursts. Delicious (Haha).  Everything is going great!

LOVE YOU ALL A TON! Keep asking me questions. Also on the mini-sd card, I don't think there was anything recorded???


Elder Burdick 

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