Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Flu Shots and Other Fresno Happenings

September 30th, 2013

Kuv sau ntawv ntev (ha ha)… [I write too long]

I don't mean to write such short letters. So sorry. It’s just that I get lazy sometimes. :( I wub you mama bear! 

Tuesday: Had a great district meeting. Super spiritual! Elder Doane invited us all to write down what kind of missionary does God envision us being based off of Pres. Gelwix's criteria of "Worthy, Obedient, Committed, and Focused." We also listened to Sister Gelwix's relaxation cd. famous quote: "You are now experiencing relaxation!" Its super funny. It's Sister Gelwix narrating these mental exercises to help deal with stress with soothing music in the background. 

Wednesday: We ran farther than ever. I was so dead. I ran like 5 miles super fast! 

Thursday: Ran super hard again. We ran the 5 miles and I wanted to die. But then a member for dinner took us out to A-Star Buffet...like super fat. So made tons of progress and then regressed! But it tasted soo good! 

Saturday: Got up early and ran and then went straight to a drive-in free flu shot! Super scary. I hate shots. But of course, they give us this statement that's talking about a nasal spray but when we pull up to the area where they are administering the vaccine...it’s all needles...super scary! Then we went and did service at this apartment complex. It was crazy. We had to basically clean up after an "eviction." Super gross. Then we ripped up all the carpets etc. Of course the apartments nearby were all just a bunch of drug addicts so it was really sketch. 

Sunday: We had two investigators come to church! Way exciting! We’re working with investigators that members have helped introduce to the church and its super effective working with members. This Sunday was just overall awesome! 

Monday: We played volleyball today! and Elder Davis had his birthday today...you should totally send him an email and tell him happy birthday, he would love it! I talk about mama bear all the time to everyone! 

Well keep asking me questions and I will get back to you! I love you all so much! 

Elder Burdick 

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