Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fresno Days (The Work is Moving Forward...)

Nyob zoo! 

How's everything in good ol' Virginia? Things are going really well in CFM!!! Here are the highlights and stuff for the week: 

I had the privilege to confirm a Hmong sister a member of the Church this last Sunday so that was excellent. The cool part is that her sister introduced her into the gospel so it's really cool to see how families come closer in the gospel etc. 

We translated for fast and testimony meeting and yeah that was interesting. Me and Elder Doane were translating: "Hello brothers and sisters...," then everything after that was just a blank. Its so hard to understand the older people because they speak so FAST! We have to work on our language study a little more because some days the language just goes over our head..ha ha

Miracle Day: 
So earlier this week we were on exchanges and I was leading our area. We were tracting and were able to street contact some awesome people. Super interested and everything! Also, we were able to get in touch with a ton of former investigators so that was great too. Overall, it was just a super productive day! Not crazy miracles but enough for me! 

HaPpY 50 kuv txiv!!!!!!!!  (Dave's Birthday is on October 4th)

We were teaching this one members kid and he said the funniest thing. He said: "Me and my brother were outside and this dog started barking at us. Then the dog started trying to get out of the fence to bite I prayed and then commanded the dog to stop barking because he was scaring me...but he didn't stop barking." Hahaha, it was hilarious, so we explained that Heavenly Father will always protect us but it's not always the way we expect. 

Missionaries in Manassas:
Okay, so a few things I'd like to ask you to do for the missionaries you see back in Va. First, invite them to dinner...maybe even take them to eat out at Dennys or somewhere sit-down. Also, give them a referral who wants to learn more about the gospel (preferably someone you've already talked to about learning more or something like that). Next, volunteer to go on team-ups with them to go teach investigators. Then, on Sundays, give them some sort of snack that they can take home and eat later that night. Yeah, our members treat us that awesome! They are the greatest. I just feel bad because I definitely did not treat our missionaries that well, so you should definitely do that. We get fed everyday, and a lot of the members take us out to eat so it's fantastic. So please do that! They will love you for it! 

General Conference: 
Okay so we've been reading a ton of old Ensigns and we are reading all the general conference talks and they are AMAZING! We are getting so pumped for it.  You should definitely watch all the sessions because they are just too good to pass up. Also,  try and invite someone over for lunch or dinner to watch it with you. I promise that you and them will be inspired! 

Spiritual Thought: 

Safety for the Soul -Jeffrey R. Holland 
"I ask that my testimony of the Book of Mormon and all that it implies, given today under my own oath and office, be recorded by men on earth and angels in heaven. I hope I have a few years left in my “last days,” but whether I do or do not, I want it absolutely clear when I stand before the judgment bar of God that I declared to the world, in the most straightforward language I could summon, that the Book of Mormon is true, that it came forth the way Joseph said it came forth and was given to bring happiness and hope to the faithful in the travail of the latter days."

You have to go watch this

I ask that you go and watch this and then ask how you can strengthen your personal witness of the Book of Mormon...then go do it. 

I love you all and hope everything is going well! Have fun at General Conference
(By the way, Me and my companion are in the Pioneer Park Ward in the Fresno North Stake. Hopefully that clarifies things for you Ma!)

Elder Tseem Fwv Leem

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