Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fresno Days & General Conference

Happy Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving!! 

Everything is going great here in CFM!!! Conference is like Christmas for missionaries. We love it so much. Conference just blew me away this weekend. So inspired!!! Anyways, I'm glad to hear that Dad's 50th party was a success. Love all your craftiness mama!! 

Highlights of the week: CONFERENCE-It was just pure awesome!!!

Awesome lesson with a member family-
They invited us to come back and teach their friends in their yeah Church is True!! Also, we invited the husband to say the closing prayer and he totally prayed for us and talked about our families that raised us and have helped us get to that, super all kinds of emotional and spiritual. Just wanted to say thanks Mom and Dad for everything. I love you lots and appreciate all that you've done to help me become the person I am today!

Really good week. Working on finding more people. Are you being super nice to the missionaries? Believe me. They love it. It inspires them to do more. It helps all of us become better missionaries.

Spiritual Thought:
“If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done.” - Thomas Jefferson

President Gelwix sent this quote out and I really like it. I want to relate it to Bednar's talk on conversion and testimony. We always can become more converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is always more waiting for us. However, we have to go and do it. If we want a better conversion to this gospel; an increased light in our life, then we have to go and do the things that we haven't been willing to do earlier. Sometimes it requires us to do new things, even forsake old things. What can we each "DO" in our own life to strengthen our conversion to Jesus Christ?
Love you all much!

Hope everything is going well!

Keep me up to date with everything!

Tseem Fwv Leem 

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