Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fresno Days (Dinnerware?)

Nyob zoo 'os! 

How's it going? Everything is going great in the CFM! Yesterday, I had my first baptism which was extremely exciting. We had a great program, and a lot of ward members came and supported her. Overall, just awesome. We have the best ward in the church. They are super supportive of missionary work and love to feed us so :) . 

Also, I wanted to thank you for my awesome package (the clif bars...yum, the mango is all gone so...yum too, and the letter stuff...super helpful).

Funny for the week: 
We are eating dinner and there's Hmong sausage on this funny looking plastic plate. Anyways, I just kept eating...then Elder Burton lifts it up and says: "Umm...yeah its a Frisbee." So just so you know, sporting equipment is truly multi-purpose. If you run out of plates, don't forget about the disc golf Frisbees in the garage. Hilarious. 

The Work: 
One of the things were thinking of starting in our area is a Hmong reading/writing class at the church building so that'll be interesting if that works out. I heard that Sacramento has one and that it is really good for finding people and practicing Hmong. 
We are working on finding more people right now so that's exciting. I love tracting and talking to new people, its so much fun.

Spiritual Thought: 
This week I was studying "Preach My Gospel" and came across a study activity that was really good. It was trying to teach about the importance of effective gospel study. It asked the question: How did Joseph Smith's personal study change the world? Joseph Smith studied the bible and really pondered about his question before he went and prayed. Do we think he would have received the answer he did, if he didn't go and study it out first? The next question was: How did Joseph Smith's study change your life? The Restoration started with his simple question. It started with his personal study. Its amazing when you think of how influential his study of the scriptures really was. However, do we feel the same way about our studies? Do we consider them to be life changing, let alone world changing? Perhaps if we did, we might make more time for them. I know that as a missionary, our personal and companionship studies are extremely important, but they are also critical for everyone else. It does not matter if we are a member or an investigator, our study of the gospel will change our life, whether by small degrees or huge leaps. I invite all of you to take time every day to study the gospel and really find the treasures in the scriptures and in the gospel. 

Love you all so much! I appreciate all your love and support!!! 

Elder Tseem Fwv Leem Xai Yob Vaj

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