Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fresno Days (About that fork...)

Nyob Zoo tsev neeg!  (Hello Family)

Things are going really well here in Fresno! We have a baptism on the 23rd so that is really exciting. Elder Golden of the Seventy came and spoke to us yesterday and his message was awesome. He and Sister Golden are from South Africa so their accents were super strong! 

Funny stories for the week: 
There is an awesome old guy from Laos and we went and visited him yesterday (he's a recent convert). Every time we come over, he always tells us that we should marry a Hmong girl or a Thai girl or a Laotian girl because if we do, then we'll learn more languages and if you know more languages you make more money. He's always saying: "English girls only know one language! But if you marry a Hmong, Lao, or Thai girl, she knows 2 or 3 languages and then you learn the languages and make more dolla." And when it’s all in Hmong it’s even funnier! It’s really hard to communicate with the older people.  As missionaries, we just do our best.  Old Hmoob people are the best, though! They are so nice and just love to talk to us about everything. Most of the men who came from Laos served in the army and it’s crazy to hear their stories about the war. 

Also, this week we went to a ladies house for dinner but there was no male person in the home so we had to sit in the doorway to eat. Of course with my luck, as we were almost wrapping up the lesson/meal, I accidentally slammed my hand down on my fork that then goes flying out the open door onto the sidewalk. In English this would turn into an awkward conversation, but in Hmong it’s just 10x more awkward. Super all kinds of laughing, though, from my companions. 

Still doing awesome! Had chicken feet again...I really have to take some pics of it and send it to you guys! (Quote: "Just chew the soft bones") 
We eat bamboo and pho more often now. Pho is awesome especially with all the different stuff you can put in it (chili garlic sauce, kua txob, sugar  if you want, just so many possibilities)

Things have been going really well. We teach a lot of less active members and are trying to help them get back to church. Also, we went on exchanges last Tuesday so I had an English elder from Auberry with me so that was really interesting. We went tracting and I held a 40 minute conversation with a Green Hmoob Husband and a White Hmoob wife. Overall, pretty awesome! 

Favorite Scripture: 
Joshua 1:9
I really like how the Lord commands us to be of good courage and be not afraid. He commands us. He isn't saying: it’s a good idea not to fear, but rather He commands us. Also, it gives us comfort that the Lord is with us. He is there to support us through all our trials if we are willing to listen to His voice. 

I love you all so much! The work is going well! Make sure you feed the missionaries and give them people they can go see! Love ya!

Elder Tseem Fwv Leem Xai Yob Vaj 

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