Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Week 2 at the MTC

Hi Everyone,

It's really funny to read all your daily updates of the little things in life, Mom.  Half the stuff I'm like LOL and the other half I'm like...seriously.

The word: "Peaceful" in Hmong is literally translated as: field of opium and pregnant daughter in law....weird

Also, look up the cinnamon challenge on and my companions (for Es Daws Doane's B-Day) and the Vietnamese Elders tried it....pretty funny but a little painful! You'll see when you look at videos of it online.

The work has been going great. We are learning so much, so FAST! We had one investigator and now we have 3.  Meej (our first investigator) has commited to be baptized so its sweet!  I would challenge you to try and start reading the Book of Mormon cover-to-cover and try and start reading Jesus the Christ...both books are quite excellent (LOL). It will definitely bless you in unimaginable ways.

The food has been good actually.  Here everything is extremely structured and it's great for studying but there is no time to do anything extra.  My P-day is on Tuesdays.

Please thank all the people you might know who have been sending me letters and such...its awesome to here about everything and all the love and support is...well a support :)

I just would like to thank you all for all the things you've done for me!  I appreciate all the love and support and all the letters!  Love you guys!   Good luck with everything back home...I'm praying for ya!


Es Daws Burdick

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