Monday, June 4, 2012


Scott arrived in Salt Lake City on Monday, May 21st 2012 and began the journey with many sets of firsts; traveling in a suit without watching television, listening to his Ipod, or reading e-mail.  But he survived!  We spent a fabulous few days visiting Dan and Suzanne (Dave's bro & sis-in-law) and their family and my sister and her husband surprised me by showing up at our hotel, completely unexpected.  Some highlights of our mini adventure included multiple stops to Deseret Book (seriously? how hard can it be to get a set of scriptures without flaws?), The Missionary Mall in Orem, and of course, Sonic.  Tuesday was spent going to a live session at the Salt Lake Temple and then eating a huge steak at Ruth's Chris.

Scott was scheduled to report to the Missionary Training Center at 12:40.  We spent some time across the street in the Provo Temple parking lot with many other families of missionaries with the same idea saying our 'real' goodbyes.  We drove through the MTC gates at 12:37pm, pulled into parking spot number 5 and an Elder greeted us and helped Scott with his bags.  They asked him if he had keys or a phone and he told them "no" and then it was a quick hug for me, Brent and Sheila and he was off!  We pulled out of the MTC at 12:41, a little shocked at how quickly everything had happened.

We are SO proud of Scott and his desire to serve a mission. 

Scott at the Provo Temple minutes before entering the MTC   

Scott and Mom at the Provo Temple grounds

Sheila, Scott and Brent at Temple Square


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  2. Wow! The blog looks great and you said you couldn't do a blog...WHATEVER FIONA BURDICK! Elder Burdick looks so great and he will have a great time at the MTC!

  3. Oh my gosh!! The side part in his hair is killin' me!!! LOVE IT! So so cute!! And I loooove the blog-o. You did a great job!

  4. P.S. Take the word verification off the blog-o. It's annoying. :)