Sunday, June 30, 2013

Of Questions and Father's Day

June 17th, 2013

This was a short letter to answer a few questions we had sent Scott…

So first to answer your questions! 

1. Yes I did get Papa Jess's card!  Thank you SO much! 
2. Yes, our threesome companionship are all in one bedroom. We can't have the temp below 75 so it gets pretty hot at night....
3. We ate rattle snake....not Hmong food but interesting
4. Bamboo socks are the best! they're super comfy! 
5. Yes!!! Kuv hlub koj thiab!! (love you guys, too) 

This week was amazing. We had training with a guy named Greg Mckeown!!! He's awesome. Totally google him. We're so lucky Pres. Gelwix knows awesome people. He taught us about ESSENTIALISM! I'll send you some cool stuff on this...Buy all of Bro. Mckeowns books....they look awesome! 

I also gave a talk this last Sunday! Super scary. They called me the day before and I had to do it in hmong....super crazy! 

Spiritual Thought: 
Happy Father's Day!!!! Love you dad! You're the best! Thanks for everything that you do! I'm proud to be your son! 

Elder Burdick

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