Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fresno Days--Blanket Tacos and Spicy Food

April 14th, 2013

So, this week has been CrAzY!!! So where to start? We sent Elder Xiong back to Colorado. It was super sad. 
At the beginning of this week, I was with Elder Gipper working in his area while we waited to get our new companions on Thursday. Super nerve wracking waiting to get a new companion. We had a ton of meetings training us and prepping us to "train." SUPER FUN....hint: sarcasm. No it was good too. Just a little long. Then on Thursday I met my new companion; Elder Dunnaway!! He's from Topeka, Kansas. Has 3 younger brothers. Ran track and was in marching band (alto sax and drum major). Went to BYU-I. Super good missionary. I'm excited to work with him. I don't know if you remember, but two Hmong YSAs were in a really bad accident but they finally came home, so we went to a home-coming party for them. They served papaya salad, and WOW...super hot food! Look it up. It burned my mouth and I'm sure it almost killed Elder Dunnaway. His Hmong name is Koob Meej Thoj (Kong Mang Thao). Our recent convert actually gave him his name. We said a prayer with them, and then when I got up to stand, the recent convert insisted that we remain kneeling while he prays again. HE BASICALLY THEN PROCEEDS TO GIVE A "FATHERS BLESSING" TO NAME ELDER DUNNAWAY! SOOO COOL! I love our members here.
Yesterday, in church, I was sitting in the back of the chapel and there was an old grandma playing with a baby. She then wraps the baby in a blanket taco and I couldn't but help envision mom...HAHAHA. Apparently baby tacos are universal. Speaking of church. We had a crazy meeting. It starts at 9 and we didn't actually finish the sacrament until 9:50. Tons of blessings and confirmations. PRETTY AWESOME!
Also, West Side moved into the same apartment complex but they couldn't get into their apartment until this last Friday so they lived with us for a few days. It was insane. We had two apartments worth of stuff crammed into our one apartment. GREAT first impressions for new a bomb hit our apartment. However, since west side moved in. We've been running together every morning and its intense. We run past the airport and all the military helicopters and a golf course. It makes for really good scenery. 
The district is really good as well. We have Sis. Sims and her trainee. We came out in the same MTC group. Also, the zone leaders are in the district so everyone is super solid and obedient! 
Two of our investigators were confirmed this last week and after they were confirmed they were so excited and were thanking everyone on the stand...super funny. You definitely had to be there to get it. But it was great.
Anyways, I loved conference! I loved your spiritual thoughts. Always really good. My spiritual thought actually comes from my studies this morning. 
John 10:11-15
Christ is the good shepherd. 
I thought of what is the crowning difference between the Hireling and the Shepherd. Both have a financial investment in the sheep. Both lose out if the sheep are killed. However, the motivation is what catches my eye. The shepherd is willing to do what the hireling won't becuase he loves the sheep. The same principle can be applied to us and how we serve Jesus Christ. All of us have an investment, but is our motivation love? When our motivation becomes love, then we are truly willing to do everything to assist Christ and in the mission the Father has given Him. We are willing to "sacrifice" for our brothers and sisters. We are willing to step out of our comfort zone to help others come unto Christ. Just keep in mind in the coming days: Who has God prepared specifically for me to help? and What can I do to help them? I know Heavenly Father will answer you. Try it out. 
Love you all so much! Thanks for all the email addresses. Sorry for not replying to everyone fast. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Driving on Preparation Day (West and East Fresno Elders)

I'm thinking Elder Burdick might have missed the memo on the kind of pictures his mom wants to see...

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