Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mission President's Visit

February 11, 2013

Nyob Zoo,

So lots of fun stuff happening here in Fresno. This last week I went on an exchange with the Zone Leader and that was a ton of fun. We went and knocked some doors and I totally had to do everything myself because he doesn't speak Hmong. Pretty crazy!

We also went and built half a chicken coop for one of our members....super missionary style chicken coop! I definitely have to get some chickens when I go back home. We basically had to build an addition to the existing chicken coop because the hawks keep eating all the chickens. 

Also, President Gelwix stopped by our apartment. Kind of scary :) Our apartment was a mess and we were in the middle of an extremely long nightly planning session so he was standing there monitoring. Of course, he had to use the restroom (and we forgot to tell him the toilet seat was broken), so it was hilarious to hear the toilet seat falling all over the bathroom. Anyways, all is good. He is the best! LOVE PRESIDENT GELWIX! Check this out: Yeah that's my mission president. 

Also, the west side Hmong missionaries had 5 baptisms this Sunday and they're super cool. They came to the states just 6 months ago and they soaked up the gospel. The only problem is that they speak Hmong too fast for me to understand. I've got to improve my listening! 

Our ward is doing super well! East side is doing really well too. We're teaching some Young Men and they're such good guys. We went and did karate with them for mutual and it was a ton of fun. We just have to get some permission from the parents for baptism. We also are teaching some older people and its really difficult to explain things to them because a lot of the gospel concepts are just really foreign to them. For instance, the words will make sense but the idea is completely new. Its crazy how hard it can be to explain things! 

Well, super sad to hear the Caps aren't doing too hot. Keep rooting for them for me! 

Spiritual thought: 
"Never Surrender! Never Quit! No Regrets!"
-President Gelwix 

He writes this at the end of everyone of his letters to us missionaries. I was just pondering on it today and thought about how we should live everyday with no regrets. We should never give up. No "I quit's" in this day. We should make everyday the best day! This reminds me of two things: One is the Spongebob episode about the "The Best Day Ever" and Second: the Savior's call to follow Him. I know that as we go out with the right attitude and truly devote ourselves to following the Savior daily, every day can be the best day ever. 

Well I love you all so much! "Never Surrender! Never Quit! No Regrets!" 


Tub Txib Tseem Fwv Leem Vaj 

Shout outs...

Tell Scott H. I'm super pumped for his mission!

Cassie is serving a mission in Fort Worth, Texas...awesome!

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