Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fresno Days (Lost in Translation...)

December 3rd, 2012


Things are going really well here in Fresno, Pioneer Park East. We just had president interviews this last week and they were awesome. Its great getting 1-on-1 time with President. You get correction, inspiration, love, everything...just in one big package! He's the best! Our area is doing really well too! We've been finding a lot of people to teach and just getting ready for baptisms so its REAL good. 

We have been teaching the Hmong class and we've been doing a lot more tracting. We haven't seen the results from the Hmong class yet, but we have been working hard in our finding efforts. 

This last Sunday, we had epic fail translating moments! It was pretty funny. We were translating for Sunday School and it was just bad. The teacher kept asking us (missionaries) questions and I'm translating...."So she's now asking us a question and we don't really understand her." (Note: questions about Zedekiah and Brother of Jared's name.....I'm saying WHAT?! right?) Hahaha. Yeah, still working on the Hmong. 

Answers to Mom's Questions:
So yeah, we run every day still. Nope Hmong is still hard to learn even with a native speaker. Also, we didn't get to see the devotional. The stake decided not to broadcast :(  Also, I'll let you know about the calling at Christmas stuff. We will be receiving instructions in the next 2 weeks.

Spiritual Thought
Also, I had a really cool experience this week. We had just got done teaching a family and it was dark outside. As we were walking to the car, I got chastised by the spirit about "TALKING TO EVERYONE." As missionaries, God prepares people for us to find and teach. However, because we don't always know who those people are we have to talk to everyone. By talking to everyone you can find the prepared people. However, as Hmong missionaries we sometimes shy away from talking to people other than Hmong. In my heart I realized, I was wrong for not talking to ALL PEOPLE that crossed our paths. Therefore, I said in my heart: "Father, I'm sorry I haven't been talking to everyone. Please forgive me for this. Please give me someone right now and I will talk to them, NO MATTER WHAT." Now remember its dark outside and nobody is around. But right when I said this silent prayer in my heart, a garage door opened and a man walked out. Then, as I had promised, I went and talked with him. He was willing to let missionaries come back and I knew that it was no coincidence he came outside at that very moment. I know that God answers our prayers. He hears us! He loves us! He is literally our Father and He is concerned with the details of our lives. So for anyone that may not know this or may have forgotten; GO TRY IT! Ask Him if He's really there. Promise Him you will act when He gives you an answer. Then JUST DO IT (NIKE)! 

Love you all! Hope you are all doing well. 


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