Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Week 8 at the MTC

Tsev Neeg (Family),
This week has been great! Today, me and my companions were able to go and clean the temple. What an awesome experience!!! We ripped up carpet and did some vacuuming so it was sweet!
Jenny Oaks Baker was the fireside speaker on Sunday, and she performed pieces throughout her talk and bore her testimony how Heavenly Father has blessed her in her life. Her kids then came up and played "I'm a Child of God"...but oh wait, it wasn't screechy violins or cellos, but amazing little kids playing this complex variation of the song. It was amazing!

Anyways, the MTC life is as good as ever! We are working extremely hard to get prepped to enter into the field. Every day we learn how much we really don't know about Hmoob (Hmong). However, we are always staying close to the Lord, and the blessings are being poured out upon us as we stretch ourselves to our outer most limits. Our teacher complimented us about how we're making a lot of progress etc. and he also said that we were truly united as a district. He then explained that unity is not just liking one another and getting along, but also working towards the same goal/purpose. I'm so blessed and thankful to have such wonderful companions. Elder Lauj and Elder Tooj are just the greatest men ever! They are consistently pushing to be the best. Not better than others, but better than themselves. Through doing this, our companionship enjoys the comforting feelings of the Lord's guidance in everything we do.

The weeks have been flying by here! Every day, me and Elder Tooj run 3+ miles and I sometimes do abdominal workouts with the Cambodians so I’m definitely staying healthy. I'm a little worried about the Hmong food but I'm sure it'll be great (definitely enjoying MTC food while I can).

I received letters from Aunt Amy, Sister Hobbs, and Regan, so please be sure to thank them and I will reply when I have time to write.

Spiritual Thought
I was reading in the war chapters of Alma and I came across a phrase that said "...they were inspired by a better cause..." This struck me very powerfully. There are people in this world that will use all the power that they can ever hope to possess to try and bring down the work of the Lord. Regardless of whatever powers may arise that seek the destruction of the Lord's work, remember the cause for which we fight. Our cause is greater than anything else on earth, for it is the work of Heaven; even salvation itself. We are inspired by a better cause. Remember always, the cause for which we fight!

Hope everything is going well back home!

Hlub (Love),

Es Daws Npuaj Hwm

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